Friday, November 5, 2010

GLBTa Magazine Fall issue is out...

GLBTa Magazine Fall issue is out!!!
Get your FREE copy on(line) News Stands today!!! ^_^


"Jenna Fox of many trades is looking FAN-TAB-U-LOUS and is at it again..."

That was the heading I have heard recently listening to the media, ^_^

I am excited, we had some great articles come in and folks are LOVING the front page, we are excited to be working on the Holiday Issue, just around the corner, ^_^


CS Photography took my photos and we had a blast, we went to the Train Museum down near the port where the tour ships come in and dock in my Naive city of Portland, Maine, what a very chilly (as my photographer says,a  nipply morning LOL) (It was, LOL) It was a beautiful morning and great lighting, my photographer showed up at 6:45 am (to get the best light) with coffee and we headed down early in the morning to get the shoot, ^_^

We had fun after the shot to get in a few behind the scene fun photos, ^_^

After on our way back, we met a couple at the local Starbucks down in the old port, and we had a great visit and conversation with those lovely folks, they happen to be fans as well. ^_^ (Jenna giggles) this is exciting to not only hear local PEEPS talking about me (hopefully all good, LOL I suppose all good and bad PR is good, LMLPO (Laughing My Lady Parts Off).

Check out the rest of the photo shoot at or my

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