Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I wanted to share this RECENT INTERVIEW and TRAILER...

Jenna FOX, continues to IMPRESS US with her creativity and hard-work and determination.

Jenna states,

"I am so PROUD and excited about this Children's (of all ages) series,
Mora THE EXPLORER, The Animated SHORT..."

"I was so honored to be part of this process and see this dream come to life."

MORA THE EXPLORER, is a children series, she conceived the day MORA (Her black cat) came to her house she says with inspiration from other sources she mentions later in this interview.

It is a small, but LARGE story, about the rhythmic tales of "MORA the EXPLORER" a black cat, and her new partner, Angel, a young lady that truly sees and finds a way to "deal" with today's issues, attitudes, bullying, hard financial times for a moment of JOY.

I always LOVED the rhythmic poetic stories that rhymed, some of my favorites, were Dr. Seuss is a HUGE influence and my rhythmic writing in my music, listening to poetry readings, truly helps me find it a bit easier to find the words, with no to very little cross referencing for words. she adds, "(but, as I physically age, I may need to access those resources a bit more, my mind is not as sharp as it use to me." as Jenna giggles.

PLUS, she adds, "I truly loved those gracious and few moments, to read to my foster kids, and my STEP-kids from my ex's. Even though they were never my Biological children." (not being able to conceive), "they still felt like they were my metaphorical children. I could not wait for other and future parents to enjoy these "moments in time" that we as adults sometimes lose out on and sharing that moment all curled up in a blanket and metaphorically "escape" from every day troubles while we share a great, fun short story series. Not to "MASK" the problem," she continues, "but to allow for a moment of escape and silence in our CRAZY schedules of it seems sometimes, such very little human interaction and caring moments, we so take for granted."

The children books will soon be available though AMAZON, Barnes & Noble online and in discussion to bring some SOFT and HARD covers to a children's section near you.

Keep an eye out for this fun, entertaining new book series for all of that still have the child in all of us, 0-100+.

- GLBTa Staff

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The More you Know NBC (Trans_Gender Varient) PSA


FALL PREVIEW 2011 (by TheJennaFox)

We had a blast creating this FALL PREVIEW ^_^ hope you enjoy (and sort of a THANK you to all the FANS, SUPPORTERS, family, friends for all your support, I have had many fans wanting to see more of my Persona's (characters on TV) (other then in other sectors), PLUS, a HUGE Thank you and I encourage others to share your CREATIVITY to create other projects. I have always been about encouragement and help share with others to share their ARTISTIC creativity and an outlet for all of us to come together and help create PROFESSIONAL work as we continue to "RAISE THE BAR."