Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Fox showing her HOMETOWN Business Support, feeling the "Glimmer of Hope"

I recently attended the monthly DEPA (Down East Pride Alliance) meeting, to continue to mingle and show my support for the community and to continue to be the BEACON I somehow had become by many of my PEEPS over the years, and was inspired to help continue to help bring some "sunshine" to this gloomy time for many of us, and come to be known for, I was excited to see a lot of my HOMETOWN PEEPS I had not seen in a while.

As this TOUR has only begun and was welcomed with OPEN ARMS and many seemed overjoyed I had arrived, it was different then the other meetings I had attended, I was usually conversing with one or two PEEPS and it seemed to have a different feel this time, many, many more PEEPS began to emerge then I ever would expect, even though the rain came down and as the Host, said, "it seems every meeting we have at the Pearl it rains..." (because the last few times the DEPA meeting was hosted at the Pearl it had rained), and something seem to metaphorically "shine though the Dark dampen rain, a "Glimmer of hope" if you will, and it seem to give me a refreshing feeling to help remember why I had continued to try to help be the "beacon" for so many, and it brighten my evening as I headed back to the Hotel...

Monday, September 27, 2010


HELLO to our PEEPS!!!

We have just been added to facebook, come on over and "LIKE" us!!! ^_^

it shows our current Album coming out, we will be getting T-shirts coming soon, Hey PEEPS! get yours and show your Support PEEPS!!!

Donations are forwarded to our paypal link:

and all that donate in the month of October will get one of our T-shirts of our New album for FREE!!! ^_^

Friday, September 24, 2010


HAPPY FIRST day of Autumn my PEEPS!

After landing on Earth, this day, in earth hours...12:12AM, Friday, September, 24th, 2010, and emerging from my Spaceship, I slowly look around, I hesitate... as I remember the lovely days at my birth home in a similar "Fall" look as my (fans) PEEPS prepare for this solstice I call them here on this Planet. ^_^
It's this Earth's "FALL" that has come to be my new favorite time of the year!!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

JENNA FOX: Transmission Jenna-Fox-vision: Episode 1

JENNA FOX: Transmission Jenna-Fox-vision: Episode 1: "Stardate (Earth Season), Fall 2010. Jenna Fox has been sent asked by the Galactic Council to head to the Planet Earth to infiltrate/ enhance..."

Transmission Jenna-Fox-vision: Episode 1

Stardate (Earth Season), Fall 2010. Jenna Fox has been sent, being asked by the Galactic Council to head to the Planet Earth to infiltrate/ enhance human culture one human at a time. New transmissions will debut every few days at different times EST on http://www.thejennafox.com/ UPDATE: http://www.wix.com/TheJennaFox/Home and her arrival on this Metaphorical Planet, was, Wednesday, March 17th, 2010, studying their culture, til November, 9th, 2010. Stay tuned to these coordinates.

After being asked to leave my Home Planet behind many years ago...

I traveled this vast galaxy feeling LOST for many, many years...

and was happy to arrive to my new home... EARTH, it looks so bea-u-tee-ful from up here... (As Jenna gets prepared to LAND, she thinks to herself, "I hope, I hope they come to Except me..." ^_^

New Blog Post from Jenna Fox: À la Maison of Fox

Jenna Fox has just made her first post on the official blog, check it out:

My name is Jenna Fox. And this is the first blog entry, FIRST TIME Ever! This is Truly my first one. This will be always and forever by me, for the launch of my OFFICIAL website. http://www.thejennafox.com/. (UPDATE: More currently: http://www.wix.com/TheJennaFox/Home) Welcome to my blog: À la Maison of Fox, (French for Fox's HOUSE or the Literal translation is, "The Fox of the House", in a since the HOUSE of FOX, metaphorically outlining all that surrounds the Fox, in a since the House around the Fox, LOL) I intend to fill it with the all the cool-beanoest, the most fan-tab-u-lous, delectably decidedly important, up and coming, articles, fashion, hot-spots, ideas, movies, music, people, parties, a forward to my mom’s recipes, and photos of me out and about as I go out and I begin my journey around the world to promote my Second album “POCKET FULL OF WEBBS,” with my first Self-title single “Pocket Full of Webbs”. Its a club-bonanza.
So, I am sitting on my not so comfortable chair at (I have been running around all day with my head cut-off, it feels like, metaphorically), to be coming down from my busy day. And as each day approaches for the video release and single service to radio I obsess endlessly about more projects for me to sink my clean, pretty, yummy teeth into. Writing for other artists, designing new ideas and clothes/The Fox props, watching Madonna, Aqua, Aerosmith Def Leppard, Pat Benatar, Blondie and so many more, to many to list, now the GAGA videos to get ideas for my show, and now (Ka-BAMM!) I can’t breathe (as Jenna, I love referring to myself in the 3rd person, LOL) I am so excited about this blog. This is the only place that I can constantly document all the new information that’s so inspiring me, and I can edit it all I would like! I can add to it, change it around, or stream it, upload what-not, download it. An interactive site dedicated to my misunderstood, deranged, superfan, looney-tunes love of all this pop culture.

This is my (ROUGH DRAFT) of the Front Album Cover to my Second Album POCKET FULL OF WEBBS

and I am excited to be recreating my first album: "THE DRUM INSIDE ME" I have some amazing older photos as my "OTHER SELF" playing the drums with photo art motif.

I’ve been watching these videos to upwards of 500+ times, and am Impressed by my personal audacity to maneuver my way to video-edits with the discussions with the directors, to do similar work, they are geniuses. I am excited to be talking with a few from around the world on ideas for my first video, “Pocket Full of Webbs”, and working with them is going to be one of the greatest creative experiences I’ve had in over 15 years. My vision for the video was “me walking the streets of Portland,” (Me being born and raised in this Lovely State of Maine I am currently in, but with all the sentiment glamour and filth of a downtown feel and ambience or sort of a trashfest (for all the artistic trashyness I have had to keep up there in my mind during my transition), with a touch of my Old Port feel, down on the Italian and Ol’ English cobble stone ideas with the classic look to someone coming out of their “CLOSET” or in this case, my "POCKET" that is Full of Webbs” motifs. Having a few I am considering as a director, I felt as if they had been with me (perhaps in my cute little black purse) for the last many few years following me during the Windsor, Portland and New England music grind. There intuitions and attention to detail I hope are going to scare me, THANK YOU to the new Directors.

– Jenna Fox