Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Fox showing her HOMETOWN Business Support, feeling the "Glimmer of Hope"

I recently attended the monthly DEPA (Down East Pride Alliance) meeting, to continue to mingle and show my support for the community and to continue to be the BEACON I somehow had become by many of my PEEPS over the years, and was inspired to help continue to help bring some "sunshine" to this gloomy time for many of us, and come to be known for, I was excited to see a lot of my HOMETOWN PEEPS I had not seen in a while.

As this TOUR has only begun and was welcomed with OPEN ARMS and many seemed overjoyed I had arrived, it was different then the other meetings I had attended, I was usually conversing with one or two PEEPS and it seemed to have a different feel this time, many, many more PEEPS began to emerge then I ever would expect, even though the rain came down and as the Host, said, "it seems every meeting we have at the Pearl it rains..." (because the last few times the DEPA meeting was hosted at the Pearl it had rained), and something seem to metaphorically "shine though the Dark dampen rain, a "Glimmer of hope" if you will, and it seem to give me a refreshing feeling to help remember why I had continued to try to help be the "beacon" for so many, and it brighten my evening as I headed back to the Hotel...

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